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Inktastic is a tattoo and piercing studio in Brooklyn, NY that offers a full range of body art services performed by skillful and innovative professionals.

The comfort of our clients is our top priority. We aim to create an atmosphere of relaxation while maintaining professionalism. Our waiting area is open and welcoming, and our tattoo booths are sanitary and clean with the comfort of our clients in mind. 

We do accept walk-in clients, and our waiting time is minimal. However, we encourage you to book an appointment so that we can easily accommodate your needs.

Our Services
We currently house multiple artists with expertise in a variety of tattoo styles, including but not limited to, traditional, realism, watercolor, tribal, new school and non-traditional, and monochromatic. We also have a piercer on-site offering multiple body modification options. In addition to in-studio work, we also organize special events like tattoo services for bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and other celebratory events.

Our Owners
Our owners are Dirty, PEE, Fish & June, who began managing the current location in 2014. Their passion for tattoos and entrepreneurship inspired them to manage their own studio. The ultimate goal is the keep the artistry of tattooing at the center everything that happens at the studio.